Start planning your trip.

At Rail Europe, we understand that different people have different interests. That’s why we offer so many choices, cities, and activities. Our goal is simple. We’d like to make the hardest part about planning your European journey, deciding where to go first.

How to use the map?

1. Locate a city

City finder

  • Type the city name and click on search.

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2. Build your itinerary

Following your search, use the links in the popup window.

Itinerary from a city

  • Type-in your destination or pick from the map.
  • Choose your travel dates and search.
  • Get trains and fares relative to your request.

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Itinerary to a city

  • Same as above, except for a departure city.

Discover destinations

  • Use our complete city guides with shopping, food & drink tips and things to do and see.

Travel times

  • Find other destinations from a selected city. They are displayed by travel time, making it convenient to plan your trip.

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3. Our tips

Train finder

  • View the network of major railway carriers.
  • View high speed, regional or night trains.


  • Use the bar on the top or click on the map to zoom to find more cities.

City finder

  • If you can’t find a city with our City finder, use our booking form to find more cities which can be reached by trains.