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Epernay, taste it !

The true capital of the famous Champagne is waiting for you. In the middle of the Champagne vineyards, Epernay is located 120 km away from Paris and only 25 km away from Reims, easily reached by train. It is a place you will not forget.

About France

The city of Epernay is well known for the great appelation Champagne. A lot of touristic activities are linked to this sparkling wine. A lot of domains can be visited.

Beyond the vineyards, you will be pleased to walk around the "Avenue de Champagne". Under the buildings lined along this avenue can be seen more than 100 km of galleries used for the conservation of the bests bottles of Champagne. The town hall also deserves to be visited; in the heart of a wonderful garden, this building dating from 1858 presents many rooms of interest such as the Council room or the Wedding room.

The Orangerie park is also a charming garden you will be happy to discover.

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