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Niort, ancient hometown of the Plantagenêt dynasty

Located in Western France, the city of Niort, marked by the presence of the Plantagenêt family, is definitively a place to be experienced. If you are looking for the charm of a relaxed and positively French way of life, you know you will get it all in Niort.

About France

Dominating the Sèvre Niortaise river, you cannot miss the medieval twin keeps. Steming from the Romanesque era, they are the remnants of an old gigantic castle. Built by Henri II Plantagenêt to mark his presence on the new domains that his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine gave him through their marriage.

The medieval side of Niort is definitely a highlight for the lovers of old european architecture. Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the place du Pilori as well as the fort Foucault.

But you might also enjoy very much the pretty modern touch of the covered market called the Halles.

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Brive to fontenay le compte We want to travel in June from Brive to Niort. by train. Then we would need to return to the uk finishing at St Pancras, London . Please could you advise how we may arrange this. Jenny Hayden

Jennifer H. | 14 February 2014 answered | 3 Comments

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