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Vichy or the ideal place to relax.

In the Massif Central mountains in central France, Vichy is more than just a thermal city. Its location in the Alliers’ valley makes this city a place you can enjoy anytime. Its great heritage will amaze history lovers.

About France

The pure and relaxing water of Vichy made this city a world-famous place. Whether you come to Vichy for a thalassatherapy or not, you will enjoy the beauty of the city centre.

Here many architectural style are melted in a harmonious cohesion. Visit for example the Saint Blaise’s church : the first part of this building was built at the end of the 17th century, while the Art Deco style Notre-Dame-des-Malades church was added during the 20th century by Chanet and Liogier. Vichy also presents great museums such as the municipal museum that houses numerous rare and unusual objects.

The Opera’s and the Francois Boucheix museum also deserve the detour.

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Is there a direct train from paris to vichy(arriving 12h00) on 10 june 2014? We are 3 adults, wanting to travel by train, 10 June 14 from Paris to Vichi. Arriving Vishi by 12h00 noon. Is there a direct train available on 10 June 14?

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