Eurail One Country Pass

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If you are planning to travel extensively by train in a particular European country, then the Eurail One Country Pass is the best suited solution for you. The Eurail One Country Pass is tailored for your needs and is only available for non-European residents.

Planning your trip

There are more than 15 Eurail One Country Pass, from which you can choose from. Pick a pass which correspond to a country that you want to visit, and have a wonderful time exploring the country in depth by train.

If you want to discover the rich Italian culture, you can opt for a [Eurail Italy Pass>pass163]. With the Italy pass you will be able to travel up to 10 days in Italy. You’ll have enough time to visit cities such as Roma, Milan, Venice and Florence. You can even continue to the south of Italy by train to visit Naples, Bari and Sardinia. Sicily is just a couple of miles of the coast and be easily reached.

Spain is synonym to fiesta, sun and sea. Whichever suits you best, the Eurail Spain Pass will allow you to enjoy your Spanish holidays at a very affordable cost. From Barcelona, to Madrid and from Malaga to Valencia, use your Eurail Spain Pass to discover the Spanish culture, its incredible nightlife and Mediterranean climate.

If Spain’s neighbour, Portugal, appeals more to you, then use a Eurail Portugal Pass to travel throughout the country for periods of 3,4 or 6 days within a month. Travel as many times as you want between Lisbon and Porto by train.

Some of you might want to explore central Europe by train. Why not take a Bulgaria Pass and discover cities such as Sofia and Plovdiv. With a Eurail Bulgaria Pass, you can even take the train to coastal resorts such as Varna and Burgas. You can have unlimited travel for 3 to 8 days within a month with the Eurail Bulgaria Pass.

If you are drawn to the charm and wilderness of the Nordic countries of Europe, you only need to buy a Eurail One Country Pass which regroups Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. A great pass to explore the north of Europe by train.

The child in you will be pleased to know that thanks to the Eurail Benelux Pass, he will be able to visit Belgium and its capital city, Brussels. The city is famous among cartoon strip lovers. Look out for a giant picture of Tintin on a building wall. With the same pass, you’ll also have unlimited travel in the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Use the train to easily reach cities like Amsterdam, The Hague, Bruges, and Luxembourg City.
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A comprehensive network

The Eurail One Country Passes is ideal to visit some 19 countries in Europe. While you’ll be able to buy a Eurail One Country Pass and nearly all countries of Europe, you won’t be able to use the Eurail One Country Pass to visit very popular countries such as France and Germany. Indeed those countries have their own pass.

However you can get a pass which included both France-Germany or have a look at our other duo passes. If you are looking for extensive travel in France, use the France Rail Pass, and use the German Rail Pass to travel on the national rail network or Germany.


This is the complete list of countries covered by the Eurail One Country Pass:

Austria Pass Finland Pass Norway Pass Spain Pass
Benelux* Pass France Pass Poland Pass Sweden Pass
Bulgaria Pass Greece Pass Portugal Pass
Croatia Pass Hungary Pass Romania Pass
Czech Republic Pass Ireland Pass Slovakia Pass
Denmark Pass Italy Pass Slovenia Pass

* Considered as being one country:
Benelux (Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg)
Scandinavia (Denmark-Finland-Norway-Sweden)