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Want to travel in the comfort of a spacious train and visit France? No need to rack your brains. TGV trains are the flagship of French rail as they offer an exciting experience on board at top speed touching 320 km/h.

A vast array of destinations

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Chambord Castle - © S.R.Lee Photo Traveller

TGV runs on a vast array of cities throughout France from city-center to city-center and even in Northern Spain at amazing speed.
You can catch it in Paris or Lille and be in Marseille, in just three hours. Amazing how quick a rail travel journey can be when you travel by a TGV train. It even makes you forget to consider other transportation means like airplane.

From Paris, you can easily go to Bordeaux in just 3hrs 10mins. Lyon is just 2 hours away from the French capital city and if you want to go even deeper in the south of France, just hop on a TGV train from Paris and you’ll be in sunny Nice just 5h40 minutes later.

Dijon, Avignon, Grenoble, Bourg Saint-Maurice and Figueres, the birthplace of artist Salvador Dali, are among the most popular destinations accessible from Paris by TGV. No need to hesitate too much. Just hop on a train and enjoy the beauty of these lovely French and Spanish towns.

An amazing experience

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TGV interior - © Patrick Curtet - SNCF mediatheque

Don’t forget that you need to book your seats on a TGV, like in any other high-speed trains.
Reservations can be made on Rail Europe website up to 3 months before departure. And once in a French rail station, you’ll need to validate your ticket using one of those yellow machines marked “compostage de billets”.

Just keep in mind that rail traffic controllers will check your ticket during your journey on a TGV train and if it is not validated, you’ll get a fine!!!
Once on a TGV train, chic interiors “à la française” will make your journey even more relaxing and pleasing. Some of the TGV carriages have been designed by no less than French fashion creator Christian Lacroix. Seats are spacious and have armrests. Legroom is ideal, even in Standard class. Individual tables will enable you to enjoy a tasty meal or simply read your favorite newspapers and magazines.

Fares and passes

TGV trains offer you different types of tickets. You could get a TGV Prem’s ticket that will offer you up to 60% off the standard fare. Just be aware that these fares are only available in certain destinations and certain trains and availability is limited. So no time to waste!!!

Rail Europe can also help you make the most of your journey in France by offering a France Rail Pass that will get you on many national trains – TGV trains as regional train - as and when you wish.